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Customers want to be able to see what the facilities and accommodation of your hotel look like. If they’re paying luxury prices, they’re going to need to see luxury visuals of what you have available to really be convinced. That means photos of rooms, surroundings, reception, and social areas, the works. Every aspect ought to be captured.

Drone photos and videos go a step further by giving a unique angle on your premises – quite literally! Showing an aerial view of the exterior of the building, getting a wider angle shot of the top of the hotel grounds, or giving a bird’s eye view of the property guests have access to gives a complete, professional appearance to your profile and is guaranteed to attract attention that competitors will be missing out on. Not many profiles on your average OTA are going to be using aerial shots! That’s how listed online properties can make money 68% faster with drone visuals than those without.

How important is Professional Imagery for Hotels & Resorts?

Twenty-first-century travelers are more visually driven than ever before making your hotel photography a critical component of a modern marketing strategy.

The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” could be updated to “and thousands of room nights”.  Numerous studies by major brands and third-party booking sites emphasize the importance of your hotel photography, showing the number and quality of images directly affect online conversion rates.


of information processed by the brain is visual


of guests clicked on photo galleries before booking online


more traveler engaement when hotels had over 20 professional photos


Increase in booking inquiries when hotels had over 20 professional photos


more clicks on OTA listings containing high-quality photos

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