How Drones Can Be Beneficial to Public Safety Organizations

Public safety organizations are one of the fastest growing niches in the drone industry. Agencies all over the world are implementing drone programs after reviewing the clear benefits of using aerial technology for public safety applications such as search and rescue, suspect pursuit, accident reconstruction, and fire management

Public Safety professionals, however, have special certifications and training: and they often can’t hire a licensed drone operator to fly for them.  Getting a public safety drone program off the ground can be difficult, as a wide variety of personnel need to receive training on a wide variety of tools.  It’s an additional challenge for a profession that works under tight public budgets and tight timelines as it is. 

In California, Enterprise UAS collaborated with partners from drone industry players including DJI Enterprise, FLIR sUAS, and GoProfessional Cases to host a two-day drone training event for public safety agencies. According to Sam Nam, Co-Founder of Enterprise UAS “over 95 attendees from approximately thirty different firefighting and law enforcement agencies were in attendance from all over California.

The event was organized in a circuit training format. Attendees were divided into smaller groups and rotated between field training stations and classrooms over the course of two days. Some of these training sessions included:

As drone pilots know, however, just learning to fly a mission is only part of the process.  In addition, the training event covered technology tools for air space intelligence and data processing:

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